Monday, June 6, 2011

Just another day...on Vacay

Right now I am sitting at the dinner table in my dads house.  Looking out the window.  This is what I see.  Beautiful.  The weirdest thing about this view though is that it is 9:40 PM here....WHAT?? It is still so bright here!   I just can't even believe it.  This has probably been one of the prettiest days I have seen since I have been here.  It was really warm and sunny this morning so I spent 2 hours outside laying in the pool.  Yes, just laying and soaking up the rays.  I LOVED it.  So I texted Daniel and told him to come swim.  The instant he home and got in the pool, the sun went behind a bunch of dark clouds and took the heat with it.  Within minutes I was freezing in the water and had to go inside.  Ten minutes later it was raining.  Turns out I LOVE the look of raindrops hitting the surface of the pool.  it was so serene and cool to watch.  So the mixture of a sunny and rainy day made the night sky look like this.  The picture doesn't even do it justice. 
So...yep.  I am basically loving it here.  I don't do much, but that's exactly what I needed.  A break from life was well over due.  Best part of the trip so far?  My cousin Samuel (samwell) had his communion yesterday.  We had the whole family (both sides) get together for a party/luncheon after wards.  It was so fun!  Although I could only understand a few of the things people said, I loved being there.  There were at least 30+ kids there under the age of 10 and at least that many adults.  The adults (me included) were served an 8 course meal!!  How can these people eat 8 different courses??!!  It was absolutely insane!  Some of it was kinda gross but it was all super fancy.  Daniel and I felt pretty legit with our 3 different glasses for beverages and like 8 different utensils to eat with.  *remember the scene from Princess Diaries where she is at the big fancy dinner and gets a brain freeze from eating her palate cleanser too quickly?* yep. we definitely had some of that.  It was sooo good.  To top off the party, my uncle rented a mechanical bull and there was lots of dancing-made better by the open bar in the corner.  In case you were wondering...Pilar can shake it!!! hahaha  Well, right now I am burned only on the front of my body, so I will have to lay out on my stomach tomorrow so the back of my body can match!  Well, life's hard here.  Can't wait to get back.  Except really though.  I am craving Cafe Rio and Dominos almost every day and I miss my family and friends too.  Next time more people will have to come with me!  Hopefully some more exciting stuff will be happening here soon.  I can't wait to see the rest of Spain! 

On a side-note...I HAVE HAVE HAVE to find a way to go to the Britney Spears tour.  I can't miss it!!!  

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